Retraction #1

23 Aug

Yeah, I know. To have a retraction so early in my career as a fledgling blogger, is kind of weird, but I’ve realized that I’ve done wrong and it’s my duty to fix it.

For all of you who read my Wednesday poetry, you will know that I posted a pretty heavy poem awhile back called “The Girl I Used To Know.” It turns out, I hurt and deeply embarassed someone when I posted this poem for the world to see, and I just wanted to take this time to apologize publicly.

A really wise writing instructor offered these words of wisdom that I need to keep near and dear to my heart always:

“Before you publish something, always ask yourself three things: is it kind, is it relevant, and is it necessary.”

I can truly say there was nothing kind about what I wrote. Was it relevant? Maybe to me, but to my audience, naaaaaah. Was it necessary? Again, for me, yes. For my audience, absolutely not. Since this is a public forum, I should of understood that secretly, it’s not all about me. I understand that now. I’m just so sorry it took so long and caused so much trouble.

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