The Word of the Day is “Phenomenon.”

03 Aug

Okay, so here’s something new I’m gonna try to do. It’s inspired by my link to a blog called Sunday Scribblings. Basically, the blog was set up for anyone who enjoys writing and would love a weekly challenge to spark their creativity. The poster usually poses a word and asks her readers to recall what this word means to them. The last word on the sight posted 07/25 is  “phenomenon.”

Why is that whenever someone close to you is having bad luck, it just seems to rub off? One of my PC friends is having a particularly bad string of bad luck. The latest incident was a fender bender she was invovled in just yesterday. Not only is her car in need of repair, but she also got a ticket for wreckless driving because some jack-off decided to cut her off. Of course, he gets away without a scratch (which is one of the times when I really hope karma is real). She’d just purchased a brand new Apple, because her computer crashed late last week. Now it has to go back because she can’t afford the comp and the ticket, which is her second in a two week period (the other one was for running a red light and being caught on Po-Po cam).

My point: I am really feeling sympathetic towards my friend, but I think that it may be having a negative impact on my luck. I woke up this morning and realize that my check card is missing. I think I left it in a ATM last night. Thankfully, nothing has been charged without my knowledge (that’s the sound of me knocking on wood). I am off today to the bank to see if I can get it back, but I can’t help but wonder if this is a side effect of my empathy for my friend. If it is, how much worse can it get?

Anyway, readers if you possess lucky charms or have the power to alter the cosmos, please turn the tables of luck for my poor friend. She really needs it and if that works out for me too, so be it.  

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  1. Chrissy Deem

    August 5, 2007 at 2:21 am

    oh, in case you didn’t notice you got tagged.


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