Creative Brief

22 Apr

My group is experiencing scheduling conflicts when it comes to deciding on a day to get together and work on this next part of our assignment. We’ve sort of decided on a divide-and-conquer strategy with our next presentation. We all are writing our own version of the creative brief and are hopefully getting together tomorrow to compare and converge our thoughts into one meaningful and impactful presentation. I foresee this not going well, but hey, it’s a learning experience right?

As a whole, this quarter is really kicking my ass. I feel the bar has been raised tremendously. I’ve had at least one panic attack already. Let’s hope I can keep it under control.

Lastly, I feel the need to remark on the events of last seminar. If you weren’t there, then I’ll sum it up. Hank was giving us another lecture (not unusual) about how we should conduct ourselves as professionals and students. Undoubtedly, someone criticized one of our seminar speakers on his or her blog and it got back to the speaker somehow. Understandably, it cost the school some embarrassment and in short we were chastised as a group, again.

Now, I understand where the school is coming from (sort of), but I also am a little annoyed that actions of one student should merit 10 minutes of finger wagging to the whole student body. I’m tired of that. To me deal with the individual and let the rest of us get on with our lives.    

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One response to “Creative Brief

  1. Kendra

    April 23, 2007 at 8:27 pm

    Good luck on the scheduling. You’re going to have a chance to do another go-around on the creative brief (revisions) if needed. And we’ll discuss in class – i think cohesive comments will come out of that and help you guys decide on a direction.


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