Magazine Assignment

17 Apr

Beautiful Decay

1) Primary audience: art enthusiasts, music enthusiasts, artists, musicians, designers, graphic designers, illustrators, and creative directors. Age ranges from 14 to 40.

 2) Things done to attract the audience: Hip and colorful advertising for clothing, gallery shows, art and design work. Some articles are written in a youthful,relaxed tone while others carry a stuffy, academic tone. The articles are marked in a very minimalist and modern way. Full color photos of artwork. Generous coverage of underground art and cutting edge artists.

3) Some articles are written in a youthful, relaxed tone while others carry a stuffy, academic tone. It’s a 50/50 shot.

4) The magazine can translate to online media by emphasizing images and downplaying word content. Magazine may actually live up to it’s claim to appeal to youthful audiences by being precise and succint. Most of the articles on galleries could be transformed into video files or slide shows of art. Maybe readers can be encouraged to dialogue and comment on art presented instead of receiving a comment from a stuffy art critic.

1) Yes.

2) They cover the same content or achieve the same outcome by public and staff webposts.

 3) There are no articles, just brief blurbs posted by the staff and public with a links to other sites where you can learn more. None of the articles in the magazine are mentioned on the website.

4) The site definitely needs to be designed better. The actual magazine has much more color and is more visually appealing than the website. They should widen the web board for the staff make it more dominant than the public postings which range the gamut of topics; some totally unrelated the to the magazine.

5) The content does. If I am part of the target audience I would return to keep myself abreast of up and coming artists.


1) Audience: Men, ages 21 to 60, metrosexual, interested in style, current events, sports, politics, satire, witty writing, middle to upper-class, white-collar, and athletic.

2) Typography is clean, crisp, strong and straight forward. Text color is mostly black with hints of color. Plenty of fashion advertising. Articles are written about fashion, masculine icons, sports, politics, and hot chicks. There are pictures of hot chicks. There are step-by-step instructions on how to dress, what to eat, how to outfit your home, how to groom, places to go, etc. Instructions are cleverly named “manuals.”

3) Writing tone is both relaxed and informative. There are hints of humor and sarcasm. They use language that is very masculine (a little crude at times).

4) The “manuals” could transfer fairly easy because it’s just quick tips that can be listed with links attached to designer websites for more information. I think the articles could be condensed into mini-teasers that would entice the men to pick up the print magazine. There could be a public place to post comments about the magazine or lifestyle questions.

1) Yes.

2) Yes. The articles are condensed versions of articles in the magazine.

3) They are definitley duplicating the tone from the magazine. The website has the same feel as the physical magazine. They have an archive in case issues are missed.

4) Some of the synopses are little long. Writing can be cut shorter. Not a lot of pictures. More pictures in the magazine. There is a lot more color on the website then the magazine and it’s distracting. Reduce some of that.The magazine works better. Navigation is very confusing. Maybe because they are trying to fuse to magazines together on one site. Details is the other magazine. Each magazine should have it’s own website.

5) Not really. I choose the magazine over the site.

 To Be Continued….

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One response to “Magazine Assignment

  1. Kendra

    April 17, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    Nice job on the magazine and website assessments. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with beautiful decay.


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